Girls Standards For A Relationship

Girls these days, don’t know what they want. They haven’t got a clue, they watch films like Twilight and expect every guy to be Edward Cullen. They read 50 Shades Of Grey and expect every guy to be Christian Grey.Truth is, a vast majority of the male species you encounter in your life time, will in fact hurt you. It’s a sad fact but not every guy can commit.

While girls expect a perfect toothed, toned, tanned, millionaire, romantic, sweet talking virgin, what they really get is a horny, using, lying, cheating, binge drinking ‘fancy a shag’ sort of guy. The expectation given from these films, songs, books and fictional characters just isn’t realistic and is a part of why so many girls get hurt. Everyone deserves to be loved no matter who you are. Everyone deserves to find their soul mate and live the rest of their lives with them, like a Penguin.

Girls. Before you go listen to One Direction and expect a boyfriend like them 5 gorgeous pricks, think of reality and what you can realistically achieve. But to be honest, a majority of good looking guys act like total dicks towards girls. 

Bros before Hoes… Shouldn’t it be Girlfriend before friends?

Be happy. Go find your penguin. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, it’s yours, and only your decision what to do.

Thanks for reading